About us

Idolium is a web site property of Idolium Ltd., which is a young startup based on London, UK.

We believe in new technologies so we don't use paper in our communications. If you want to contact us, please use exclusively our contact form. We will not respond to any letter, just only to emails.

Do not hesitate to write us to comment on anything that you consider interesting, we are open to any subject.


Why Idolium borns?


The idea of Idolium was born on 06/05/2010 as a result of motorcycle accident in which Valentino Rossi broke his tibia and fibula, his first serious bike accident since he started running the motorcycling world. Who undersigned is a huge fan of Rossi, who consider him the greatest driver of all times (like many others, as is demonstrated every day that goes for a race). With the accident I felt very sad and I wish I could have dedicated a few words of encouragement at the time, but I did not know where I could do it, and that he could receive it in any way. Rossi, at that time, had no Twitter, nor Facebook (and neither am I) and its official website was in italian with no possibility of sending any communication. So I missed so much that there was a place where I could dedicate a few words, few or many, or even send a picture of me smiling and with finger up to encourage him. And then I saw that there was nothing on the internet that allows you to do something as simple as that: to dedicate something to someone you admire.

That night I didn't slept so much detailing the sections that I would like a page had to do that. Once I had everything in my mind, I did a document to don't forget it and spent a few months until I took up the idea. I started looking for technologies that would allow me to do this (with several pauses in the middle) and finally, just a year later and after watching to Pau García-Milá (EyeOS) with his boundless optimism and belief faithful to fight for your ideas, I decided to carry out the project.

And here we are, five months after Idolium definitely borns, in the month of November 2011, with more ideas incorporated from those initially planned. 

Thank you for being in Idolium, we hope you enjoy this website as we do.

The admin.