Do you want to publish?

You are registered as a user in Idolium. Now what?

Well, there are four profiles at Idolium to which may belong:

  • Anonymous: if you do not register. You can view all articles and comments, but you can not contribute anything.
  • User: once registered. As a normal user, what you can do is, also, publish photomessages, normal messages and short messages. You can also comment on articles.
  • Publisher: if you want to publish articles. Any user can choose to be publisher at registration time, allowing you to create publications on any of their idols. If you do not choose to be publisher at registration time, you will need to contact us asking to be a publisher, and the administrator will assign the appropriate profile, sending a confirmation email.
  • Idol: this profile is unique and only the administrator can grant it. It will be assigned to people who prove to be the idols that users add to Idolium. To demostrate it they should contact the administrator and he will follow the appropriate steps for verification. They can post about themselves and their articles always shine on over the other publishers in their "tab".

As you can see, to publish you should be publisher. This enables you to publish articles on any idol that already exists in Idolium. But what about those who do not yet exist (which at first are almost all)? Well, the process is simple.

Once you have searched your idol and you did not fount it, you can create the first reference, so you can then begin to create articles for it. You must provide the identifying details of your idol and, at least, two images we need (one small to show as header and other large to show in the randomness front ad).

Once created, you will be able to create content for it.

And that's all. You can choose any kind of idol that you want, whether known or unknown, persons or things, living or dead. Have you always wanted to dedicate a few words to Elvis Presley? Or Cristiano Ronaldo? What about Rocco Siffredi? Or to Ferrari? Maybe your father? You can write about the last goal by Cristiano Ronaldo or about Almodóvar's latest film, even about Almodóvar himself, and so on. You can be a "journalist style with your own opinion" or just being a fan who wants to speak to his idol about "why you admire him". The only limit is your imagination and your desire to "dedicate".

This tool has been created just for you, and the millions like "you" that always wanted to tribute someone but did not known how. Now all of you have the right tool to do so, and the freedom too. You only need to start using it.

In any case, thanks for taking the time to read this.

The Idolium team.