What I need to know?

Really the only thing you need to know is about who or what you will write. We designed Idolium to make it very easy to work with for users who do not have too much knowledge about "the web".

If your profile is for normal user, you can only comment on publications and send photomessages, messages, or short messages.

If your profile is also for publisher then you will be able to send your articles about your idols, no matter how many. All you need to know to publish is that you will have an additional menu in "Create content" that will allow you to add publications.

Once on the publication page you will see that you have the following fields:

  • Title: the title you want to give to the publication.
  • Related to: in this box you will look for the idol to which you link the article. It's enough to write a piece of the name, for example, if you search for "Valentino Rossi", you can put "rossi" and the system will look for him. If not found, then it is not yet created any page for this idol, and then you should ask us to create the first reference (this only happens the first time for this Idol). This is so for many reasons, but among the most important is to standardize the data that exist (to avoid the possibility of "Rossi" and "Rosi").
  • Representative image: An image of 220x110 (the size is automatic) to represent your publication on all lists, so look for a striking and representative image.
  • Text: This is where you write everything you want. It's simple to use, just write and use the tools we have prepared for you, such as changing the font, make bold, italic, align text, etc. Some things you can do here are:
    • Copy and paste text from anywhere, even another website: however, may not be seem exactly as copied, as HTML code is limited to prevent attacks from hackers. You can see the final aspect of the document pushing the preview button before save it.
    • Include images: You can add images from another website or your own images. To add pictures from other sites, copy the address, press the first button for images and then paste the address. To add your own images, click the second icon for images and you will be able to upload your images with the option "Upload". Then you will can choose, from among all the images you uploaded, the one you want to display, and pressing the "Insert File" it will appear in the middle of text.
    • Resize the images directly into the text editor (except for Google Chrome): just grab the picture from one corner and give it the size you want. For Chrome you can double click the image and change the parameters.
    • Include videos from Youtube, Vimeo, BlipTV and Viddler: this is even easier. Just copy the video URL and paste it in the dedicated place, under the article text. You can add all the videos that you want, they will appear in order at the bottom of the publication.
  • Tags: Here you can put whatever label you think your post will be more easily identify. It's good to put two or three tags. For example, if you make an article about Valentino Rossi, here you could put the words "motorcycle", "pilot" and "champion". Anyway, is not a required field.

And that's it, with that you've already written your article. When you press the button to save your article, it will go live into the world and all people will be able to see, vote and comment it.

If you also have a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account, you can share the contents by clicking the appropriate buttons.

Easy, right?

Do you think this guide is incomplete? Contact us to improve it.