What is Idolium?

Idolium is not "other" Facebook, because it is not a page for you. Nor is your personal blog, because you're not going to write things about you. This is a new social space where you will tribute your biggest idols, don't matter if they are known or unknown, phisical persons or just things, are dead or alive. And we say "social space", not a social network as usual.

In a single sentence, Idolium is "the place to honor someone or something that I like or admire very much". And that can be done through a mixture of a blog (where you write about what you want), with a bit of Twitter (follow users), all united in a single site with a single function.

Is there someone or something that completely fascinates you? Have you ever thought "if I could make a tribute page to my biggest idol..."? Have you always wanted to know more people who were so fascinated like you by someone or something? Or have you ever thought to write something to your biggest idol, so he could read it and reply to you?

All this is possible now, right here, right now. In Idolium you can do all that.

You can dedicate a page to your favorite idols, publish news about them, make comments, post photos, give personal opinions about something that has happened... and you will have complete control over that. At any time. Anywhere. Everyone will see what you have to say about your idols and they will decide if your articles are very good through a voting system.

You will become the biggest fan for your idols and, who knows, maybe some idol respond you in person...


Why sign up?

But can't I do this on Facebook? No exactly, Facebook is made for yourself, is your personal page where you share your life with your friends. You can make a publish for someone, but he maybe never see it. On the other hand, there are official sites that you do not control, you can only comment on what they publish themselves. And finally, to see things in Facebook you need to registrate first. What if your hero is not?

And can't I do all this on a personal blog? Indeed, you can publish what you want in a personal blog and about who you want, but you will not have around you that can bring you Idolium. A blog is somewhat that is isolated on the internet, has no connection with any other blog, does not have an ecosystem, but Idolium wants to be like a "temple", the place where everyone will want to publish about their idols. In this way, we can grow up to be famous enought that, when someone wants to find out something about his own idol, the first place that he will look for, will be Idolium. And then he will find this site, with your articles and your opinions. But also, the idols themselves will know that Idolium is the biggest temple for their fans, so that when they want to read what his fans think about them, also will see your page... dedicated to them! And if they like it, they could write you congratulating or thanking you for your support. You would be in direct contact with your idol! Moreover, they may publish about themselves if they see fit, as they do on Facebook or Twitter, and everyone could see these publications.

Imagine yourself posting a video in where you talk to your idol or you ask him to meet you in person (if you do not know him already in this way). If he say yes, it would be awesome!

You may also just want to read publications about your idols. You don't need to make a page about your idol if you think that what you see is good enough (vote it up, then). You can just be a reader.

Oh, and it's free, now and forever.


How it works?

You might wonder how you know that is your idol who answers you and not someone else. You will know it because their answers will always appear first, highlighted and fully identified. The idols have special accounts assigned by us, that we will verify (through various mechanisms we have implemented for it) that is your real idol, not a joker, who reply to you. And will reply you in private or public way, as desired. Can you imagine yourself talking to your biggest idol? It would be amazing!

But advantages does not finish here. As in social networks, users may decide to follow you if they think your page is good. The most followed pages will be on the front page of Idolium and you could become famous as the biggest and best supporter of a concrete idol (remember that millions of people could have the same idol than you too, if is a celebrity for example).

So Idolium is dedicated to celebrities only? Well, not necessarily. You can admire deeply a person and maybe you want to dedicate him a page. Could be your father, your best friend or a teacher who changed your life. No matter who, but the fact that you admire him and you want to make a space on the internet talking about it. Does that mean that nobody will read it because not being famous? No, even most unknown people will have his chance, even on the front page. Also there are many ways to search in Idolium and one of them allows you to search "less known" pages. In this way, everyone will have their chance to be less unknown. But the important fact is that you will make a page for someone that you admire, outside votes or classifications.

But also, Idolium don't forces you to be a big fan of people. You can really admire anything: a brand like Ferrari, an object of desire as the world's largest sapphire, a work of art like the Mona Lisa, ... anything. Who are we to limit yourself in this regard? The limits are only in yourself.

Well, only a limited is impose: it is forbidden to make pages for people who committed crimes against humanity. All you know what we are talking about.

Are you convinced enought? Create a new account and start a new adventure!