Frequently Asked Questions

Idolium is the place where you can tribute all your idols, dedicating them articles (which includes pics and videos), photomessages or simple messages, and you could meet other users with the same passion for they. And, who knows, maybe contact directly with it...

You can be a normal user, who can comment publications and send photomessages and messages, or you can be also a publisher, who can also publish especial articles with photos or videos, which can be rated and commented by other users and will appear at the main page of the site.

If you are new, usually you will follow this steps:

  1. Search for your Idol.
  2. If you don't fount it, you need to create the reference for the first time (it's a fast process), writing the basic information for that Idol (text, a little picture and a home picture). Use the menu "Create Content" to create your Idol.
  3. Once you find it, you can see a complete page that shows all the related information about that Idol, this is:
    1. A description.
    2. All the photomessages sent by the users (if there exist any).
    3. All the publications for this Idol, including articles in other languages (if there exist any).
    4. All the messages and shortmessages sent by users (if there exist any).
  4. From this page, you can add new contents.

You also can find the info you are looking for through out different lists (Idols, Publishers, Publications) or by making an advanced search in the Search tab.

As a user, you can send photomessages and messages, and post comments on all the publications. In your user page you can:

  • See your watched posts
  • See your voted publications
  • See your bookmarked publications
  • See your favorite users
  • See for who you are a favorite user

As a publisher, you have the normal user privileges plus the option to make articles about the idols, called publications, which can include pictures and videos, and any kind of information that you want, formatted as you like.

This articles can be commented, voted, followed and shared with Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

But the most important: it is possible that your Idol see your articles and, who knows, maybe wants to contact you...

Yes, this is one of the characteristics of Idolium: everyone can write about any idol. It is like a "bloggers competition", where the most voted blogs appear in firsts positions, so if you are first in the rank will be because your writing style is the one all like. This will make your idol see your articles before the others.

No, it isn't. In fact, you can publish about anyone or anything. You only need to admire he/she/it and have something to say.

And Idol can be a person or a thing, famous or not. Just write about it.