Arnold Schwarzenegger - American Dream Come True

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a perfect example of how a “small” person can become big, successful. I’m using “small” in a figurative meaning of course, (in its literary meaning, “small” is definitely the most unsuitable adjective for Schwarzenegger), implying someone not so well-off, living in the middle of nowhere, having no important ties. And success came to him after a big effort too, because, as far as I know, recognition was not easy to gain for this huge, a bit clumsy bodybuilder with an Austrian accent, and with a surname so hard to pronounce. It’s true that he got married to John Kennedy’s niece, but that’s part of the success he has achieved, isn’t it?  Schwarzenegger’s story is really incredible,  he is the person from a small European village, who became  one of the highest paid actors and a really big star. If in the 90-s even small children knew his name in a former Soviet country, Georgia (which is the country I’m from), that means he was a really really big star, right? Indeed, Schwarzenegger’s story  is what can be defined as: from rags to riches,  a good example of how a person can achieve anything with hard work.  I don’t know whether Arnold ever dreamt of becoming a worldwide famous star, and I’d definitely ask him that, if I met him.

arnold-schwarzenegger-governor.jpgAs far as I remember, the first time I saw Schwarzenegger, when I was a child, was in the movie Terminator. I remember it very well, how shocked I was when his character got rid of an eye and installed a new one. But that didn’t seem disgusting to me. Instead, he aroused a great curiosity in me. And back in the 90-s we were not used to such technological movies. Arnold looked really cool to me especially with his sunglasses on, mostly I remember him as a good character, who was fighting against evil and determined to rescue the world. At least that’s how I saw him, and children are usually best at spotting the good or bad in someone or something.  As a person, I saw him as a big guy full of kindness, strength and eagerness to defeat bad guys. What I also like about many of his characters, is that they're not only big guys with strong muscled bodies, but also good humans, respectful,  with good inner nature, who know that a strong body is not enough to be a  real man. At least that’s how I see him. 

Now, I actually wonder what the residents of California, US, think about Schwarzenegger as their governor. I really would like to ask that question to someone from California (as my country is becoming increasing popular with tourists, that’s not a very far-fetched possibility). So, if I meet someone from California, this will probably be one of the first questions to ask. Because I’m not so anxious to express opinions about stuff I’m not so familiar with, and I prefer to hear opinions on Schwarzenegger’s political abilities “straight from the horse’s mouth”. Thus, my question would be: As a governor, does Schwarzenegger resemble most of his characters, strong, determined, and always ready to fight evil and strive for justice?  I believe the answers are likely to be diverse and controversial, which is always the way with politics. Anyways, to me Schwarzenegger will always remain self-made man, setting a great example of the American Dream. 

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