Don't be sad, Messi

Lionel Messi

My dear Messi yesterday had not a good day. Usually proves to be an unbelievable, but even the best have a bad day, and that was yesterday for this phenomenon of football.

In a decisive match to reach the final of the Champions League, Messi played well until he missed a penalty that would have represented a spot in the final. From there he almost disappeared from the field, but a shot that came from the depths of frustration and hit the post (slightly deflected by the goalkeeper). Well, to follow the match report will be a thousand sports dailies.

MessiTresBalones.jpgFrom here, I just want to say, Messi, one of my great admired personalities in the world, that nothing happens. Nothing changes the fact that you're the best player in the world, or that you're a great person who cares about children (as well makes Iker Casillas), or that you're a great professional who cares to be better every day (even when he is the best).

My dear Messi, anyone can have a bad day but you don't need to be sad. This are games, sometimes you win sometimes you lose. Where one never lost is in life, when you're a decent person who only intends to help others and to be happy.

And you turn up your mood, I put a picture of when you win, which is very often, and a video that demonstrates why you're the best player in the world. Enjoy seeing what we see when you play.



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