Leo Messi – Apogee Of Talent

Lionel Messi

By the time Lionel Messi was 21, the world already knew he might be the best football player in the world. Nowadays nobody even questions that.  When you get to know his life story, nothing seems impossible. To be honest, when reading or hearing Messi’s story, my eyes fill with tears: tears of joy, fascination, optimism. Just think of it: A little boy from a poor family, from a developing country in Global South, whose family couldn’t even afford to pay for the boy’s medication, suddenly took the whole world by surprise. Rather than having to give up his biggest passion, Messi was given opportunity to fascinate the world with his rarest,  astonishing talent, to make miracles in sport, and leave Maradona himself flabbergasted. We should thank Messi’s parents, and Argentina, for giving the world this amazing talent.

Messi.jpgOf course, it is not enough to be born gifted. Someone has to notice your ability, has to invest in you. And it happens that even very talented people can go unnoticed. However, I am convinced, that such great natural gift as Messi’s, was almost impossible to be ignored. We should thank Carles Rexach, whom  it took only a few minutes to see Leo’s exceptional talent when watching the little boy playing in Argentina, and who said: “ We must take him to Barcelona immediately.”  Of course, we should thank FC Barcelona,  for giving Leo  the chance to show the world his most positive, most peaceful, and most inspiring power. The power which makes you believe in dreams. And again thanks to his family, who without much thought took the decision of leaving their home country, and followed their son to Spain in order to help him with his career.  

His great personality is also worth mentioning. I’ve heard of his positive attitude towards everything and everyone. He always smiles instead of getting angry with those who treat him rudely on the pitch. I’ve heard that he is very good-tempered and humble. That’s probably one of the reasons why we’re used to calling him Leo.  He never behaves like a star, and is always the same guy he was before becoming so popular, and hardly ever treats anyone badly or unfairly. In fact, this seems only natural to me.

Messi barcelona.jpgThe person who is totally confident of his abilities, who knows he is gifted with a rare talent, and knows the only way to prove his greatness, is by doing the job, will never get angry with anyone for petty things. Messi sees the value of sport, which is almost synonymous with health, joy, happiness, which can remove borders between people, and in which there should be no enemies, only professional rivals. And also, Messi undoubtedly knows, that he is the real pearl of football, and is aware of how much happiness he brings to the people watching him play, which is the reason of his ever-increasing fame and recognition. Leo Messi  is not just a celebrity who can become more popular by small fights, or boasting, or getting involved in scandals. He is the person who does his job, and does it greatly because he loves it so much. Anything else is not significant for him,  because from the day when important people from Spain were dazzled by the talent of this “ordinary” Argentine boy, for us to be fascinated by him, Messi has never had to do anything else but make miracles with a ball. And thanks to Leo Messi for that.


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By far, the most important player of the world. His history can be a movie (and someone will do it, no doubt).

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