Staying a Celebrity May Be Hard, But Not When You're Beyoncé

Beyonce Knowles

Beyoncé seems to have it all: She is extraordinarily beautiful, extremely sexy, terribly rich and remarkably famous. Not to say anything on her exceptional dancing skills. She is undoubtedly one of the most powerful women in the world, and one of the greatest live performers of modern times. She is a true symbol of a strong, independent woman who can achieve great things on her own.

By the way, an interesting fact about Beyoncé which many people might know, is that she helped introduce a new word into the Oxford English Dictionary: bootylicious (sexually attractive).  “Bootylicious” is a song written and produced by Rob Fusari, Falonte Moore, and Beyoncé Knowles for the Destiny’s Child third studio album Survivor (2001).

There has been some criticism about Beyoncé too. She has been criticized for her lyrics, her character… But which celebrity hasn’t?  I like to focus on positive things, and it’s hard not to do when the topic is Beyoncé. For me, she is a symbol of an independent, strong and extremely energetic woman who never gets tired, for whom there is no limit to ambition, achievements, dreams… who never stops, trying her luck in many things. In addition to her amazing songs, videos, performances, songwriting, she has also taken up acting, and together with her mother she  also introduced the family's fashion line, House of Deréon; she has also endorsed brands including, L'Oréal, Pepsi, Tommy Hilfiger, Nintendo and Vizio. And now she is also happily married, with a lovely daughter. She has tried so many things, and has accomplished everything successfully, and it is obvious why: no doubt she is remarkably talented (I am sure everyone agrees to that, even those who criticize her for some other things). Generally criticism is not hard, and when a person is famous, and always in the limelight, it’s easy to find fault with them. But such a beautiful, talented, and confident person deserves respect and appreciation rather than negative evaluation.

I’ve read somewhere, that after her mesmerizing, fascinating shows, the audience seem more tired (in a positive way), than Beyoncé herself. And indeed, when you look at her videos and listen to her songs, there is so much energy emanating from her powerful voice and passionate dancing, that it’s somehow contagious. That’s probably why she says: “I really believe that when I perform live, I'm the strongest [that I am]. My hand is in everything – from the styling to the designing of the lights to the set list and all the little segues ways.”

beyonce_dancing.jpgWhen asked, why she always kept quiet about her relationship with Jay-Z, Beyoncé says that she never wanted to be famous for her  personal life, but rather for her music and her talent. So unlike some other celebrities who try to become popular by displaying the details of their personal lives, probably because they don’t have much else to offer. In this regard Beyoncé seems so much different from many, so unique in this aspect too. “I think becoming famous is not so hard any more but staying... and I don't even like the word famous... staying a celebrity is not so easy…” –  she says. Who wouldn’t agree to that? Beyoncé is definitely one of those who became popular due to real talent. Moreover, I don’t remember any big scandals associated with her name. (Well, people always try to create some commotion around celebrities, but in case of Beyoncé great talent overshadows the petty scandals, which eventually hardly anyone remembers). 

Somehow, a major celebrity with a really happy family, makes me respect her/him even more. The thing is, for many celebrities it seems hard to maintain a quality personal life while surrounded by limelight. Some just can’t handle it. But Beyoncé seems great at separating her personal life from her career, and giving both due attention and consideration. “People are really critical in general and it's ten times worse when you're under the microscope, so it's hard to grow up under that. But I have people who love me regardless of whether I sell another record or not.” Thus, she understands very well, that the love you get from family, who love you unconditionally, greatly differs from the love and acknowledgement you get from the public. And that you have to work hard all your life, in order for the audience not to forget you, in order to make them believe that you’re a real talent and not just one of those “stars” who come and go.

“My main accomplishment is achieving peace and happiness. Sometimes you think success is synonymous with being a big star. But I want respect, and I want friendship and love and laughter, and I want to grow.”  Well, naturally, I’m one of them who respect Beyoncé, because even at the height of her career, she still wants to grow. I respect her for her inspiring songs and lyrics, for her enlivening videos, for the great talent, ambition and vigor, and for the peace and happiness she seems to have achieved in her life.


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