Timmy Ropero

Timmy Ropero
Timmy Ropero was born in Belgium and since a very early age the music goes through his veins.He is son of international artist "Paco Paco", author of the famous rumba "Taka Takata" (eight million copies sold worldwide) as well asTimmy´s brother isthe renowned DJ and producer Jerry Ropero, too.
Timmy Ropero started his career as a producer/ author / composer, musician and arranger from Malaga (Spain), the city where he lives now with excellent results in the music business and becoming what is called an authentic "hit-maker".
  • In 1998 in Brussels, Timmy recorded two albums with original songs: Poema de mi Corazón y Sensación, (Universal).
  • In 1999 the Spanish singer, Malu, recorded his song "Poema de mi corazón" to include it into her CD "Cambiarás" and as its third single output, edited by Pep's Records, being it the most sold artist (more than 150.000 copies) and taking a Platinum record.
  • In 2000, Will Tura (famous singer in the Benelux pop song), recorded the song "Amigo", composed by Timmy and edited by Universal, where this song becomed the second single from the album, selling over 60.000 copies and winning a Gold record in its first two weeks.
  • In 2001 Ramon y Manolo (Dúo Dinámico, Spanish duo) included in their CD "El Penúltimo" the Timmy’s song "Un beso por favor”, being sold over 50.000 copies of that work (Gold record).
After that, in 2003 Timmy Ropero composed the song "Mamarracho" on the album" De María a María... con sus dolores”, hit single from the Spanish singer María Jiménez, under the label Muxxic, being sold over 60,000 copies (Gold record) and she is nominated for Best Song for the Spanish Music Awards that year.
In the following years, Timmy Ropero contributes with several gold and platinum albums with songs like "Me envenena", second single artist young Idol Sergio Rivero (over 150,000 copies sold, Sony Music) or Maria Isabel "Toma que dale" in her album "Capricornio" (Vale Music- Gold record).
He also produced and composed together with NBG songs for artists like Danzel (“Turn on my own ") or Terri B (" Running Back to You ") reaching more than 200.000 copies sold worldwide and winning both Gold records.
The artist produced, composes and performed in 2009, "Thank You", a hymn for the Official Fan Club Michael Jackson.


Other artists who perform songs from Timmy Ropero are La Brujha, Carmen Miriam(Popstars TV Show), Leyre, Salva Ortega and María Aguado, continuing his works and career.
Ropero´s some songs and productions are included in compilations as in “Disco Caribe” and “Caribe Mix” ( "Peligrosa" or "El Milagro del Amor" played by Patricia Lan), or works as the theme Chill Out "Intimmysimo",guitar performing by himself (Formentera Chill Out).
In 2011, Timmy Ropero creates Plaza suR (Universal Music) signing the whole authorship of the songs from his album "Y soñé," as well as all the arrangements and instrumentation of the album, named among the best albums novel by Spanish Television.(T.V.E.)
In 2013 goes to production, working, lyrics and composition of the song "Díselo" performed by the artist from Malaga Chandé (Sony Music).


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