Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi

Possibly the best rider in history, according to many experts in the field, Valentino Rossi is a show where it goes. Winner of 9 world titles in different categories of Motorcycling World Championship (125cc, 250cc, 500cc, 990cc and MotoGP and 800cc), has been the only rider in history to do so.

Only exceeded in total global world titles by Giacomo Agostini (15) and Angel Nieto (12 +1), the other interesting records are hold by Rossi (the pilot with more podiums, poles and points in history, and also has the largest number of wins in the top category).

RossiGafasPeque.jpgSome people say that has a different character behind the camera, but the fact is that in front of it is full of smiles and kindness, which has earned millions of fans throughout the world. He is very outgoing and very original in their style of dress, he and the bike.

ValentinoRossiDucatiMini.jpgHis bizarre celebrations on the victories (especially before, now not so much), and special designs of helmets, motorcycle clothing and decoration have always highlighted. He also create several nicknames, all very funny, as Rossifumi, Valentinik or the classic "The Doctor".

Currently (2012) attempted, with Ducati, to be the first driver in history to win a World Championship with three different motor brands, which would remove any little doubt that some have about being the best driver in history.


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