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Leo Messi – Apogee Of Talent By the time Lionel Messi was 21, the world already knew he might be the best football player in the world. Nowadays nobody even questions that.  When you get to know his life... Tamar Amashukeli 4,410 22/04/2012 16:35 1
Staying a Celebrity May Be Hard, But Not When You're Beyoncé Beyoncé seems to have it all: She is extraordinarily beautiful, extremely sexy, terribly rich and remarkably famous. Not to say anything on her exceptional dancing skills.... Tamar Amashukeli 4,077 14/04/2012 18:32
Arnold Schwarzenegger - American Dream Come True Arnold Schwarzenegger is a perfect example of how a “small” person can become big, successful. I’m using “small” in a figurative meaning of course, (... Tamar Amashukeli 4,077 11/04/2012 18:59
Why Rossi is the biggest rider of all times Today I want to speak about why Valentino is the greatest rider of all time for me. First of all I must say that the old and current times are not comparable at all, for many... eagle 3,641 02/12/2011 19:20
It's simply Michael! I remember when I was a little child, one day my cousin all of a sudden started crying. The reason of her unforeseen tears turned out to be Michael Jackson. Having heard that The... Tamar Amashukeli 3,632 14/03/2012 22:18
Don't be sad, Messi My dear Messi yesterday had not a good day. Usually proves to be an unbelievable, but even the best have a bad day, and that was yesterday for this phenomenon of football. In a... eagle 3,532 25/04/2012 11:49