Marc Marquez

Marc Márquez Alenta is a spanish pilot of motorcycling, double World Champion in 125 cc. and Moto 2, being at seventeen, the youngest spanish rider to achieve a world motorcycling championship.

Considered by many experts as the successor to Valentino Rossi, has demonstrated exceptional talent on the bike. His career has been brilliant and heads to be better. Heroics as start from last position in Moto 2 (with more than 30 riders on the track) and end up winning the race are not achievable to many pilots.

On the other hand, he overflows sympathy and has an infectious smile. Unlike Rossi, is not eccentric in his victories but radiates joy when he wins ... and when he do not wins (which is usually far fewer times).

It has everything to be the successor to Rossi: aggressiveness, talent, speed, stamina and intelligence. He don't easy give up in a melee and, if he have to be more aggressive than political correctness, he is.

Now that is among the kings, the definitive time has come: claim the throne.

Dani Pedrosa

Daniel Pedrosa Ramal, better known as Dani Pedrosa, is a spanish motorcycle racer, triple Motorcycle World Champion in various categories (125 cc 2003, 2004 and 2005 in 250 cc). Since 2006, he tries to be champion in the premier class MotoGP, where he was runner-up in 2007, 2010 and 2012.

Dani is a pilot generally well liked and respected in the motorcycle world, which has achieved many victories, but the lack of a little good luck has prevented him from getting so far its desired goal of being world champion in the premier class. It has been close twice, but injuries (is considered very fragile in this respect) have always prevented, when was in his best moment.
Although he has always been considered a bad fighter in the melee, it seems that in recent times is trying to change this and has kept short but nice battles with both Lorenzo and Stoner (who won in the last, before to withdraw).
Everyone agrees that his driving is extremely thin, but that suffers of fail under pressure.

Jorge Lorenzo

Jorge Lorenzo Guerrero is a Spanish motorcycle racer. It's double world champion in the 250cc class (2006 and 2007) and double world champion of Moto GP (2010 and 2012).

He was the first Spanish double world champion in the highest category (now Moto GP), after Alex Criville became the first Spanish to win the trophy in 1999 (at the time, the 500cc two-stroke engines) .

One can not ignore the controversy caused by this rider among the Spanish public. Hated by some and idolized by others, the truth is that not cause indifference. He began to be very controversial for his actions on the track, very aggressive, which earned him numerous touches of attention and some other penalty for causing some accidents. The truth is I was very young at the time and, over time, has gone from one extreme to another, being now apparently very quiet and cerebral.

He has gone from "mimic" the behavior of Rossi when he won, with some performance or representation, to simply smile at the podium and congratulate their opponents.

In any case, it has managed to beat the best Rossi, the best Stoner and the best Dani, so he entered by himself in the category of the best.

Lionel Messi

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Lionel Andrés Messi is a professional footballer, born on 24 June 1987, in Rosario, Argentina. He plays in La Liga for FC Barcelona and captains the Argentina national team, mainly as a forward. Messi started playing football at the age of 8, for the Newell's Old Boys, a team in Rosario. Being smaller than most of the boys he played with, he was diagnosed with a hormone deficiency that restricted his growth. Messi's parents couldn't afford to pay for the medication. So, at the age of 13, when Messi was offered a chance to play for Barcelona, which also promised to have his medical bills covered, Messi's family moved to Spain. Short and fast with a fierce style of play, he soon was in the centre of attention.

On September 25, 2005 Messi obtained a Spanish citizenship and was finally able to make his debut in the season's Spanish First Division. In 2005 he was named the player of the tournament at under-20 World Cup, scoring six goals, including two in the final game. In the same year he played his first game for the Argentine national team (against Hungary on 17 August), and on May 1, 2005, being only 17 years, 10 months and 7 days old, he became the youngest player ever to play A La Liga game and the youngest to score a goal for FC Barcelona - against Albacete.

In 2006, Messi became the youngest Argentine to play in the FIFA World Cup and he won a runners-up medal at the Copa América tournament the following year. In 2008, in Beijing, he won his first international honour, an Olympic gold medal, with the Argentina Olympic football team. In 2009 Messi helped Barcelona win the Copa del Rey, Spain's La Liga championship, and the Champions League. In recent years Messi has become one of the game's highest paid players, earning an estimated $18 million a year. He won the FIFA World Player of the Year award in 2009; the award then was renamed the FIFA Ballon d'Or award in 2010 and Messi was the first winner of the new combined award in 2010, and also in 2011. He is also the winner of the 2010–11 UEFA Best Player in Europe Award.  

He has been compared to Diego Maradona due to his playing style and small stature. Maradona himself declared Messi as his "successor". Messi has won five La Liga titles and three Champions League titles. In 2012, Messi made UEFA Champions League history by becoming the first player to score five goals in one match, in a 7–1 win against Bayer Leverkusen. With a brace in the next round against A.C. Milan, he matched José Altafini's record of 14 goals in a single UEFA Champions League season.  After a further two goals the following week against Real Zaragoza, Messi became the first player since Gerd Müller in the 1972–73 campaign to score 60 goals in a single European season.

In early 2010 Messi was named a Goodwill Ambassador by UNICEF with a focus on fighting for children's rights across the globe.


Brian Lopes

Brian Thomas Lopes (September 6, 1971, Mission Viejo, California) is a specialized professional freerider in four-cross. Lopes started riding BMX in its infancy and became a professional at the age of seventeen.

Mountain biking began in 1993, and has won a total of 18 titles. Lopes held its record for bunny hops in both, distance and height.

He was nominated for an ESPY in 2001, won two NEA (World Extreme Sports Award) in 2000 and 2001, has also written a book entitled Mastering Mountain Bike Skills with Lee McCormack.

Iker Casillas

With a full name Iker Casillas Fernández, was born on May 20, 1981, and is a spanish football player who plays as goalkeeper.

Currently (2011) captain of Real Madrid C.F., is a fix player in the spanish national football selection, and is almost champion at all levels, with Real Madrid and with the national team which won the  Euro 2008 and the 2010 World Cup.

Iker Casillas was selected as the Best Goalkeeper of the World in 2008, 2009 and 2010, being the great rival of the italian Gianluigi Buffon.

In 2011 he was elected the second "Best Goalkeeper of the 1st Decade of the Twenty-First Century" by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (being outweighed by Gianluigi Buffon). Currently ranked third in the ranking of the "Best goalkeepers in the history" by IFFHS (being outweighed by Gianluigi Buffon and Peter Schmeichel).

But aside from all these statistics, if anything stands out above Iker many others is to be an excellent person, committed above all to the poor. Has a foundation with his name and has been seen many times around the world visiting especially children. For being this way, in 2010 received the award for most outstanding athlete of national human and sporting values "Province of Guadalajara".

Besides his good heart, Iker is also famous for ... no attention. He is not a regular at the camera, except for tributes, and likes to keep his private life in that state, private. He does not like disputes nor bad environment, and usually makes fair play.

His nickname is "the Saint" because the amount of times he has saved his teams from a defeat or a draw.

Followed by children and adults, their way of being and doing should be a role model in a society that claims to be civilized.


Valentino Rossi

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Possibly the best rider in history, according to many experts in the field, Valentino Rossi is a show where it goes. Winner of 9 world titles in different categories of Motorcycling World Championship (125cc, 250cc, 500cc, 990cc and MotoGP and 800cc), has been the only rider in history to do so.

Only exceeded in total global world titles by Giacomo Agostini (15) and Angel Nieto (12 +1), the other interesting records are hold by Rossi (the pilot with more podiums, poles and points in history, and also has the largest number of wins in the top category).

RossiGafasPeque.jpgSome people say that has a different character behind the camera, but the fact is that in front of it is full of smiles and kindness, which has earned millions of fans throughout the world. He is very outgoing and very original in their style of dress, he and the bike.

ValentinoRossiDucatiMini.jpgHis bizarre celebrations on the victories (especially before, now not so much), and special designs of helmets, motorcycle clothing and decoration have always highlighted. He also create several nicknames, all very funny, as Rossifumi, Valentinik or the classic "The Doctor".

Currently (2012) attempted, with Ducati, to be the first driver in history to win a World Championship with three different motor brands, which would remove any little doubt that some have about being the best driver in history.

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